IPL 2018 Tickets Price List Booking Buy Online

IPL 2018 Tickets Price List Booking Online Tickets

IPL 2018 tickets

The new season of IPL going to hit the floor very soon. If you watched the previous season, you would be waiting for this season due to the sensation created in the previous season. Though the auction of the player yet no been started, and there is speculation revolving around, CSK going to take Gautam Ghambir the former captain of Kolkata Knight Riders. And the swapping of the big names also expected. You might we wonder the IPL 2018 tickets price list of this IPL season, as the fan who only watches the match on TV did not know the price of the tickets.

If you had watched the last season, the tenth season of IPL, you would have to gain the idea regarding ticket prices.

IPL 2018 Tickets Price List

Though the official prices of this season had not been cleared, there are speculations of the matches.

  • Though the ticket prices started from 500-10,000
  • The ticket prices generally depends upon three things
  • The venue where the matches going to held
  • The place where you going to sit
  • Day of the week, mostly high prices at the weekends
  • If you are a student and studying, you can get the tickets from the ground counter.

Getting the tickets online or from the banks at cheap rates is not that easy as you see in the TV ads.

Though you can get tickets from the banks you need to have some contacts in the bank. So that the person can notify you about the availability of the tickets.

IPL 2018 Tickets for the matches are also available in the different cities. Where the matches are going to live and the stadium boxes at the venues.

Buy / Book Online Tickets for IPL 2018

The tickets prices can vary city to city as well, as some amounts of the tickets also given to the team’s officials. And the officials can use the tickets either to sell them or to give them to the guests. But, most of the cricket team officials, made it possible to sell the tickets online. You should visit the official website of the IPL team whose ticket you want to get to watch the match.

You can book IPL 2018 tickets online through these websites. We ensure in above lines that the tickets you are booking. If you try to book online tickets are much costly then you get your ticket from the gound counter. If you want to do then just visit these sites before a week of the match starts you want to go for the live watch.

Book your online ticket from Bookmyshow.com and TicketGenie.in

The prices of the tickets also vary for the different sitting area for different stadiums and different enclosures. Like the Kapil, Dev Enclosure is known for the high rate prices. As it comes with other facilities which the other enclosures which are available at lower rates cannot get.

Free IPL tickets contest

Another way to get tickets even free but very few chances you could get. The online contest, I myself got three tickets previous year. I participated in the contest and give the right answer on Facebook. They provide me the coupon to get the free tickets from the stadium. So, if you want to try the luck, follow all the pages of all the teams participating in the IPL, who knows you get the ticket this time.

Tickets prices at the end of the week are higher compared to the normal days. As more people wish to go to watch the match, and the more the revenue IPL can generate by having the thing in mind. But, watching the matches from the stadium is entirely different and great experience. It is the pure entertainment, and those who could not experience this thing should at least visit the stadium to watch the match. You would remember the only thing, an entire year and yell to get the tickets for the upcoming season, I bet.

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